Sook Sabai ONSEN & Spa

The flagship spa of Beauty Epic Wellness Group Limited, located conveniently at the top of Sukhumvit Soi 20, it is your one stop heaven for ONSEN, Massage, Spa, Foot Reflex, and recovery. Immerse yourself in tranquility at Spa’s indulgent retreat that promises revitalization for your inner and outer self. Just a short walk from BTS Asok station, your journey of relaxation will fit perfectly into your day of travel and shopping in Asok’s busy hub of activity. Take a break and let us rejuvenate your body so you can continue enjoying life to the fullest in the beautiful Kingdom of Thailand.

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Our Flagship SPA in Sukhumvit Soi 20, A one stop total retreat, relaxation, beauty, massage and onsen spa for you is scheduled to be operated in 2023, we aimed to provide the best of the best Massage adventure to all.

sook sabai onsen and spa

Sook Sabai Onsen & Spa Want to unwind in some of Japan’s natural hot springs, but don’t feel comfortable bathing with others or worry your tattoo might prevent you from getting in? Perhaps you simply want some quality time to relax with your family, friends, partner, or loved ones. Whatever your motivation, if you’re after an authentic Japanese bathing experience away from the crowd, Sook Sabai Onsen & Spa brings Japanese Private Onsen (温泉) to you in Bangkok. Peaceful and serene, we provide the perfect atmosphere for a romantic getaway, family bonding, or just a hard-earned break.

Oil Massages are a time-tested and popular technique for easing tension, relieving stress, promoting circulation in the blood vessels as well as flexibility of various parts of the body. SPA packages – REBORN, ULTIMATE, PARADISAL Inspired by the French Indochinese period of the 18th 19th century, our interior design is based on a Vietnamese Chinese house reminiscent of that golden period, vintage doors and windows, décor with antique French styles furniture, to keep with the spirit of such foregone times that prolific use of opium to generate a sense of euphoria, relaxation and relief of physical pain, such was alluded by our decorated opium pipe in the Sook Sabai reception. At Sook Sabai, we treat all of our guests like family. We do everything in our power to make sure clients are relaxed and comfortable during their visit – from the moment they arrive



From the moment you enter, you'll feel
like family in our spa.

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