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Discover Special Savings This Holiday 2023

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About this Promotion:

Until the end of January, enjoy special savings off the below packages! Book online or in the spa.

Imagine an oasis of calm, a world away from the tumult of city life, where you and your significant other indulge in a symphony of tranquil rejuvenation.

This idyllic setting can transform from fantasy to reality with the expert hands at Sook Sabai Onsen & Spa.

It is not merely a gateway to consistent relaxation, but a treasure trove of enticing experiences and relaxing massage that promise long-term rejuvenation.

Journey with Ivan and his girlfriend, our trailblazing members from the vibrant cityscape of Bangkok, as they weave their tales of tranquility and rejuvenation at Sook Sabai Spa.

Explore this transformative journey and discover how you too can harness incredible savings this holiday season until the end of January.

Amid the bustling lanes of Bangkok, Ivan and his girlfriend were in search of a serene sanctuary, a safe harbor to recharge and rejuvenate from their high-paced lifestyles.

That’s when they found their sanctuary in Sook Sabai Onsen, situated perfectly on Sukhumvit 20, just a short walk from Asok BTS.

An idyllic retreat offering a unique blend of relaxation and a soothing onsen and spa experience right in Thailand’s throbbing heart.

Enticed by this irresistible promotional offer, Ivan didn’t hesitate to sign up. Today, they stand as the glowing testimonials of the holistic wellness journey the Sook Sabai Onsen and Spa pledges to its patrons.

Happy Customers at Sook Sabai Onsen and Spa

A visit to Sook Sabai Onsen promises an array of luxurious experiences – immersive couple massages designed to deepen your bonds, unhindered access to the traditional Japanese Onsen to relax your senses, revitalizing hot stone massage treatments, and a host of other elite services.

The Sook Sabai Onsen experience caters to every wellness need, presenting a uniquely relaxing experience where serenity and luxury harmonize perfectly.

We at Sook Sabai Onsen hold the pleasure of serving our members in the highest regard, extending this warm invitation to you. If a haven of tranquillity and rejuvenation for your mental health is what you seek, Sook Sabai Spa offers an unmatched opportunity.

Carve out some ‘me’ time in our blissful environment. Experience our exfoliating body scrubs in the comforting confines of our treatment rooms.

Discover shared relaxation through our couples massages and massage therapy along with an array of other tailored treatments or let us bring Japan to you with our Bangkok onsen experience.

The joy of relaxation and a world of savings are within your grasp at Sook Sabai Onsen and Spa.

This unique opportunity isn’t restricted to Bangkok’s residents. Foreign travelers seeking a piece of tranquility amidst the city’s hustle are more than welcome to seize this deal.

Don’t let this chance of experiencing a blend of relaxing onsen and spa treatments slip through your fingers.

The time is ticking, and this limited-time offer is only available until the end of January. Visit our spa, inquire about this promotion, and unlock a world of relaxation and well-being.

This is your passport to a rejuvenating escape at Sook Sabai Spa, but remember, this opportunity is fleeting. Contact us today through a call or email, or seize the moment by dropping by our spa and ensuring your membership before they’re all taken!

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More About this Promotion:

Until January 31, 2024, we’re offering special discounts on select packages. Your gateway to a plethora of services – Onsen bath to soothe your senses, hot stone massage to melt away your stress, traditional Thai massage techniques topped with a refreshing body scrub – all within reach.


Embrace the authentic Japanese Onsen experience, paired with the comfort of a relaxing spa, right here in Bangkok.